those that left those that remain

by Frail Body

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released May 5, 2017

Paul Shaffer - Guitar / Vocals
Nic Kuczynski - Bass
Sam Campbell - Drums / Vocals

Mixed/Mastered/Recorded by Chris Galvez at Good Fortune Audio
Art & Design by Paul Shaffer



all rights reserved


Frail Body Rockford, Illinois

Frail Body is a band from Rockford IL.

Midwest Screamo

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Track Name: g
taken too early from your son the sickness forced you to abandon your family and everyone you left this earth under clouded sun grandfather you left bleeding out inside of your blackened chest And your IV wrist you thought it was me but I was too weak
Father Figure your lungs will wither I was too weak IV drip leak I left you to die no good byes
I was too weak inside see dead eyes all you asked was one more time I denied I'll never forgive myself for
leaving you alone

I am the wire stand I am the IV bag a construct of memories synapse flooding
And you'll never see me again you can't even see me now a construct of memories I can't hear you





I can't

Track Name: h
I wish

I could

make you better

I wish
I could take your pain

but I cant
Track Name: t
constant headache in the back of my mind i think im going deaf think im going blind with the cerebellum failure pressure brainstem align
tell my wife and kid i gotta leave them behind i made a lot of mistakes i hold a lot inside but you can never really plan for when its your time i thought i'd be a good husband raise my boy up high now my backs to a gurney face is up to the sky mother said they'll do terrible things to my head mother said and the pressure and the headache its reaching an end the cancers in my head the cancers in

the white light's taking me
brother i'm not ready to let go
my body's floating through the window
brother please save me i'm not ready to go
promise my boy a father give him everything i can't offer
but don't let go
and all the things that i'll miss i play them all in my head
that's cut into pieces on a hospital bed
Track Name: b
there's not a lot of life left in your
tattering body
the scars on your chest they tell
of the battles you fought
the battles you continue to live
everyday wondering if it's time
to give in

yeah it kills me

me the blank stares
thinking that i'm not aware
watching you lose all your hair
thinking that you won't be there

you won't be there

you won't be there.